A hand chain hoist which opens up huge new opportunities. With our innovative new design things are really beginning to move. More flexibility means greater safety – operators are no longer forced to work beneath the loads. The Yale lift opens up a new world of safety for the operator. The range of applications as well as the operating conditions have been changed by a revolutionary new hand chain guide design. The key to this innovation is our revolutionary degree rotating hand chain guide which allows operation of the hoist from any position, even in extremely confined areas. The Yalelift can be operated at the side of the load or from any other position and can even be used for horizontal pulling.

Yale “YaleLift 360” Hand Chain Hoist, Top Hook Suspended – Range from 500kg to 20,000kg

Decommissioned Nov 26, at Samar with the bare hulls being burned on the beach. Crew of about men. Originally built in as LST , it had one three inch gun, eight 40 mm cannons and eight 20 mm cannons. The lifting pulley rigs went just over the top of the boom and down to the main hoisting pulley rig, connected to four cables to haul the boat slings up.

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He plays on our behalf only for entertainment, and he will close his eyes and sleep if we fail to engage his intellect. Genetic manipulation has brought the world to the brink of extinction. With great advancements also came tragic mistakes. Blister rust, Cibiscosis, the Genehack weevil brought death and famine. The very companies that created these problems are now the companies that the world has to rely on to stay one step ahead of the mutations of their mistakes. Battling for calories is now an all consuming endeavor for a population that has rarely had a full belly.

An innocuous cough can start a stampede of fleeing people. Fear is the natural state of mind. Thailand has become a significant player on the world stage because their leaders had been forward thinking enough to secure a seed bank. This provides the building blocks of future plant stock that can be manipulated to survive the onslaught of mega-diseases. They also secured their own genius generipper who has continued to find ways to grow eatable, disease resistant food.

One of the characters sums up how fortunate they are. We are alive when whole kingdoms and countries are gone. When Malaya is a morass of killing.

Lee Seung-gi

Early life[ edit ] Victoria was born on 14 July at She is a member of the Royal House of Bernadotte. Her place as first in the line of succession formally went into effect on 1 January with the parliamentary change to the Act of Succession that introduced absolute primogeniture. Her given names honour various relatives.

Her first name comes primarily from her great-great-grandmother, Victoria of Baden , the queen-consort of Sweden as wife of King Gustaf V , and her great-great-great-grandmother Victoria , queen of the United Kingdom the Queen’s granddaughter, Margaret of Connaught, Crown Princess of Sweden , was Victoria’s great-grandmother.

G.I. Joe began life as a nearly inch military toy in , creating a whole new category of “action figures” for boys that rivaled Mattel’s Barbie doll in popularity.

The Real American Heroes “World ain’t saving itself. The Rise of Cobra , the elite team finds themselves framed as terrorists and assaulted by their own people, killing most of their numbers. Cobra has slipped moles into the United States government and are now in control from behind the scenes. With manpower and supplies limited, they have to strike back and undo what has happened.

The film is clearly marketed to be a change of pace from Rise of Cobra, dealing with more close quarters fights and infiltration, less though not no extravagant technology and submarine battles. The trailer can be viewed here. Was originally slated for release in June in North America, the film was rescheduled and released on March 29, In December , it was announced that Hasbro and Paramount are collaborating on a shared Hasbro movie universe, with G.

Joe as the springboard though it’s unclear if it will follow from this movie or have a reboot leading to movies based off M.

LiftingSafety “Load Release” Remote Hook-Clamp – Range 590kg to 70 tonne (+ Specials)

LiftingSafety’s Automatic release Hook-Clamps provide a unique method to Automatically release a load from the rigging and can easily be adapted to suit customers requirements. Fully corrosion resistant designed specifically for subsea and offshore use with a proven pedigree and reliability. The LiftingSafety Automatic Load Release Hook-Clamp is perfect for when you need to quickly release a load, it comes in a large range of working capacities safe working loads and can be fabricated to suit your needs with bespoke capacities, large oversized eyes etc The Hook-Clamp can be used in a multitude of ways:

S1 E2 The Son of God Unpacking the unique Kim father-son relationship further, “Son of God” tracks the decline of Kim Il Sung and the rise of his son, Kim Jong Il.

Appearance Linework Carly is average height with grey eyes. She has trifocal glasses and black hair that points down in an arrow. Her outfit consists of a blue and white striped shirt which is covered by a orange vest, that is similar to Mokuba , except that her colors are blue and white while Mokuba’s were blue and light green. She also wears a bag that hung over her shoulder, blue knee length pants with a belt, and orange sneakers. On formal occasions she wears a spaghetti strap light blue dress.

Linework as a Dark Signer. As a Dark Signer , her eyes were light blue. She wore an outfit which consisted of a black robe of the Dark Signers that was accented with orange stripes to match her corresponding ” Earthbound Immortal “, leaving out a midriff, black fingerless gloves, a black mini-skirt along with a long cape which she unusually wore on her waist line and black boots. Personality Though initially a klutz, she had shown a caring side, and as a young girl enjoyed watching people succeed, which lead her to becoming a reporter, as she wanted people’s achievements to be known.

She also showed a selfish side when it came with Jack , and as she only wanted Jack for herself, this ultimately led to her temporary rebirth as a Dark Signer. Carly became quite taken with Jack after helping him escape the hospital and looked at him as a “King”. Due to this, she was disliked and somewhat envied by Mina and later Stephanie , due to the amount of time that she spent with Jack.


The Resolve of the Master and Servant!! January 20, February 19, [3] Sherry tries to get answers concerning the card her parents were killed over which is the Z-ONE spell card. She decides the best way to figure it out is to use the Public Security Maintenance Bureau’s super computer. The next day, Sherry and Elsworth set off a dummy bomb at HQ, causing everyone to evacuate. When they lock the building down, Yusei and Bruno are left inside, and they soon discover the two. As Bruno follows after Sherry, Elsworth blocks Yusei off, and challenges him to a duel.

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Yusei has tan skin, an average looking physique, black hair with gold highlights, and royal blue eyes. The upper layer of his hair juts upward while the lower layer arches down. According to Kazuki Takahashi ; Yusei’s hairstyle was based on Takahashi’s own bedhead, and completes a “rock, paper, scissors” theme shared with Yugi Muto and Jaden Yuki. His lower body consists of black jeans with amber knee pads, a belt with two Deck holsters hidden under his jacket one for his standard Deck and one for his Turbo Duel Deck , and calf-high motorcycle boots.

After episode 5 , he acquires a jagged criminal mark on the left side of his face, which was later covered in episode and episode , presumably by makeup. His Mark of the Dragon was a red outline of the tail, which was permanently burned onto his right forearm after the events concluding the Fortune Cup story arc. It is later replaced by the dragon head mark upon his defeat of Rex Goodwin , with Crow Hogan receiving his former mark.

A full body view of Yusei. During his time in Crash Town , Yusei replaced his Duel Disk with the Duel Disk revolvers used in the town, and he wore a brown poncho over his normal clothes with his Mark of the Dragon designed on it. He wears the poncho in the manga at the start of the D1 Grand Prix. However this poncho is white, lacks the Mark of the Dragon design, and is dirtier.

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Front kick Taekwondo front kick Delivering a front kick involves raising the knee and foot of the striking leg to the desired height and extending the leg to contact the target. The actual strike is usually delivered by the ball of the foot for a forward kick or the top of the toes for an upward kick. Taekwondo practitioners utilize both the heel and ball of the foot for striking. Various combat systems teach ‘general’ front kick using the heel or whole foot when footwear is on.

Happy Thanksgiving! As we head in to another year, of course our thoughts go back to when we purchased our first Pantera. This was the beginning of a different life for us.

Yusei was born in the Tops area of New Domino City. His parents were lead developers for the Ener-D Reactor. As Roman Goodwin was about to cause Zero Reverse was about to take place, Yusei’s father placed Yusei in an escape pod to save him from the explosion, while Yusei’s parents died. Yusei’s escape pod landed in the newly created Satellite area, sometime later he was taken to Martha orphanage where he grew up with and befriended Jack Atlas , and Crow Hogan.

As residents of Satellite, they were made to do labor for the residents of New Domino City and denied many luxuries which were enjoyed by the residents of New Domino. Being forced to survive on what he could, Yusei developed expert Dueling skills.

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